AME SFL | Notre Dame Design Deck Become certified and use machines like a CNC mill, manual mill, lathe, miter saw, Techno routers, band saw and other various tools for any of your design projects.
AME SFL | Notre Dame Design Deck
Safety in the AME SFL Safety is of huge importance in the AME SFL. Read all of our safety guidelines and learn how to keep yourself, as well as others, safe when using the AME Student Fabrication Lab.
Safety in the AME SFL

Welcome to the The N3D and AME Student Fabrication Lab

The Notre Dame Design Deck and the AME Student Fabrication Lab provide workspace, equipment, and training to facilitate hands on learning for Notre Dame undergraduate engineering students involved with class activities, design competitions, personal projects, and other endeavors.


Safety is key for N3D.  See the Safety section for guidelines, safety video, and the Workshop Safety Rules form. Every user must have this filled out form on file to enter the workshop.


Every user must pass the Workshop Safety Quiz and the Hand and Portable Power Tools Quiz for workshop entry. To use any other equipment in the workshop, users must be certified on that piece of equipment.